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Legal notice - Impressum

XRDimensions® is a registered brand, and it is owned by XRDimensions S.L.

XRDimensions S.L.

Calle Badostain 3, 4ºD

31621 - Sarriguren (Spain)


Contact information:
Telephone: +34 631 507 421 / +49172 25 98148
Fax: +49 3212-1472487
Correo electrónico:


General Managers:
Dipl. Ing. (TH) Manuel Ruano

Dipl. Iván Rubio


Registry und Register number

Spanish Commercial Register: Tome 2027, Book 0, Page 66, Section 8, Page NA40451, Inscription Date 06/22/2021 Year Pre: 2021
Registered address: Calle Badostain 3, 4ºD - 31621, Sarriguren, Spain


VAT company identification number:



Content responsible

XRDimensions S.L.

Legal notices

© Copyright XRDimensions S.L. Spain

All rights reserved. The text, images, graphics, sound, animations and videos, as well as their arrangement on the XRDimensions websites (including logos) are protected by copyright and other protective laws. The content of this Website may not be copied, disseminated, modified or made accessible to third parties for commercial purposes. We point out that on the web the images contained are subject in part to the copyrights of third parties.


This website has been compiled with the greatest possible care. However, the completeness and accuracy of the information contained cannot be guaranteed. Any liability for damages arising directly or indirectly from the use of this website is excluded, unless caused by intent or gross negligence. If this website refers to websites operated by third parties, XRDimensions does not accept any responsibility for their content.

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